Sales Professional

Vidya Mentors Sales Professional program provides a platform for experimental learning and grooms you towards industry specific curriculum with focused approach on specific areas which are crucial in the management of companies. The program exposes the participants to the rigors of advertising and equips them to be able to manage the media along with different aids of advertising in the markets. Compare and summarize with application based knowledge in Sales Force and Channel Management to become the future manager.

  • The sales departments make up between 30% —50% of most businesses, with further growth in sales hiring strongly predicted. 
  • 5% job growth is expected in this field, which is just about as fast as the average for all occupations. This will result in approximately 7,78,000 new sales jobs. 
  • More than 90% of top-performing sellers use advertising, videos and social media in their sales strategy. 
  • 75%–85% of top salespeople value CRMs, productivity apps, email marketing, and social selling as key factors in their success..
  • Companies that spent 3+ hours per month managing their sales reps’ pipelines saw 11% higher revenue. 
  • Companies that train managers to manage their sales pipelines see 9% faster revenue growth. 
  • Almost 61% of executives admit their sales managers aren’t properly trained in pipeline management techniques. 
  • Forbes report says, successful companies spend almost $1 billion a year on executive coaching. For every $1 spent on coaching, companies see a $7 return.
  • 80% of sales are made by 20% of salespeople as only 20% of sales rep have clear knowledge and understanding about the sales process. 
  • As per HubSpot, 69% of sales rep don’t try to understand customer needs. 
  • Gartner says, By 2020, customers will handle 85% of all business contact without ever interacting with a human
  • The average sales conversion rate across all industries is just 2.46%–3.26%

Sales experts will help organizations to incerase the conversions if they understand the needs and help the customer to get what they want. 90% of top-performing sellers use media and advertising in their sales strategy. The more people are aware of your product, the more they will want to patronise it. When you do a good advertisement, consumers want to try the products. Also, good advertising builds the morale of existing customers to keep using your products. When they see the advertisement of the product, they are impressed and want to keep using it./p>

Curriculum Highlights

  • Advertising Fundamentals
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Advertising Design and effectiveness
  • Media Planning and Strategies
  • Print Media and Outdoor media
  • Broadcast and Internet Media
  • Public Relation and Publicity
  • Sales Management and Promotion
  • Territories and Quotas
  • Staffing, Training and Motivating the Salesforce
  • Strategic Sales Management

Key Features

  • Industry recognized trainers
  • Edge-of-your-seat online learning
  • Live sessions by experts on industry topics
  • One-on-one discussion and feedback sessions 
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Real-world, case-based learning
  • Hands-on learning and Hackathons
  • Capstone Project and Live Projects
  • Job assistance, Placement drives
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